Applications - Pressure Tester

Fuel Rail Pressure Pulsation Test

One of our pressure pulsation test stand applications is for OEM fuel rail component and assembly impulse testing.

With continuously improvement of GDI technologies, the fuel system components are subjected to increased fuel pressure. The cyclic pressure fatigue life of the fuel rail component and assembly becomes a critical factor of quality control. This type of testing requests high pressure and high cycle frequency in order to obtain test results in a reasonable time span. The test system must be capable of running tens of millions of cycles continuously without compromising its performance.

The following key features make our pressure impulse test stand ideal for this application:

-  Specified calibration fluid can be used as test medium

-  High pressure amplitude and high cycle rate

-  Tight tolerance peak pressure control

-  Automatic specimen failure detection and stopping

-  Extended pressure generator seal life

In house pressure pulsation testing services are also provided at ITS for client's needs.