Applications - RMI Rack Test

RMI Connection Cyclic Test at ITS

Infinity Testing Solutions developed dedicated rack connection cyclic test apparatus in accordance with RMI Specification, Section 9.6, and performed extensive amount of testing for rack manufacturers and engineering consulting firms. 

The rack column and beams are installed in horizontal orientation for maximum support rigidity. Two servo-hydraulic actuators were utilized to apply rotation and moment load at each beam end. The actuators were controlled for equal rotation at each beam end. The applied loads and beam end position was continuously measured during cycle test.

A constant axial compression load was applied on the rack column by a hydraulic cylinder simulating beam load from upper levels. Two small hydraulic cylinders were installed on the beam top surface. A force was applied at each side of the beam simulating pallet loads on the connector under test.

ITS developed computer control program for RMI connection cyclic test to perform the predetermined test cycles precisely and automatically.

We conduct a full range of rack structural testing according to RMI Specification. A detailed test report, signed by a professional engineer, is included as standard services.