Pressure Testing in Ontario

Infinity Testing Solutions provides a wide range of pressure testing services including hydrostatic and pressure pulsation tests. Precision servo hydraulic pressure generators are used for applying test pressure. Compared to a common air-to-fluid pressure booster, servo hydraulic pressure generator eliminates pressure fluctuation, and produces a true linear pressure ramp rate. A variety of test mediums such as water, oil, specified calibration fluid can be used. Pressure test using air and dry nitrogen is also provided.​​​​​

The test pressure ranges are from a few psi to extreme high pressure testing at 100,000 psi. Pressure transducers are NIST traceable with ISO 17025 calibration certificates. 

The following three types of pressure testing are conducted at Infinity Testing Solutions:

Pressure proof, leak and burst test

Hydrostatic pressure test is the most common method for testing pressure vessels and fittings.

Our computer controlled automatic pressure test stands are capable of performing hydrostatic pressure tests specified in many safety standards, such as CSA, ASTM, AWWA, ASME, ect.

We work closely with TSSA for testing that requests an inspector to witness the test and sign off the report.

Pressure Testing Mississauga

Pressure impulse cycle test

Our advanced high pressure cycle testing systems are capable to produce a cyclic pressure amplitude anywhere between 50 and 100,000 psi. The test cycle rate can be up to 20 Hz in medium pressure testing. Sine, trapezoid and square waveforms can be controlled in very tight tolerance according to a specified test standard. Sample failures are automatically detected by the system allowing the cycle test is capable of running 24/7.

Combined pressure, load and temperature test

At the client's requests, mechanical load and extreme temperature conditions may be applied while the specimen is pressurized, or pressure cycled. 

Load range:                 up to 110,000 lb. 
Temperature range:    -70 to 600ºC

Pressure Testing Mississauga

Our Certifications:

  • ISO 17025 Accreditation
  • ISTA Certified Laboratory
  • Certificate of Authorization by the Association of Professional Engineers Ontario
  • CSA Group Certification of Qualification

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