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Pressure Testing in Mississauga

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Infinity Testing Solutions provides a wide range of pressure testing services including hydrostatic and pressure pulsation tests. Precision servo hydraulic pressure generators are used for applying test pressure. Compared to a common air-to-fluid pressure booster, servo hydraulic pressure generator eliminates pressure fluctuation, and produces a true linear pressure ramp rate. A variety of test mediums such as water, oil, specified calibration fluid can be used. Pressure test using air and dry nitrogen is also provided.​​​​​

What is Pressure

Pressure or hydrostatic testing is basically the testing of any pipeline installation before it is put into use. Tests areas include reliability, maximum capacity, leaks, joint fittings and pressure.

The test pressure ranges are from a few psi to extreme high pressure testing at 100,000 psi. Pressure transducers are NIST traceable with ISO 17025 calibration certificates. 

At Infinity Testing Solutions, we perform:

  • Pressure proof, leak and burst tests.
  • Pressure cycle test.
  • Combined pressure, load and temperature tests.

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Pressure Testing Mississauga

Providing expert pressure testing


Our Services (Can be modified)
  • Mechanical and Structural Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Vibration and Shock Testing
  • Package Testing
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  • Help In R&D and QC Testing Requirements
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Pressure Testing Toronto

Our Leak-Testing

Infinity Testing Solutions is familiar with various methods for evaluating leaks in pipelines. Some of these include:

  • Hydrostatic testing, which uses water or another liquid under pressure
  • Pneumatic or gaseous-fluid testing using air or another gas under pressure

A combination of pneumatic and hydrostatic testing using low-pressure air to detect leaks

A wide variety of test mediums


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