Structural and Mechanical Testing

Infinity Testing Solutions provides advanced mechanical and structural testing services for virtually any industry that needs to evaluate structural integrity of their prototypes and products. From cycle life test of a screw driver bit, to ultimate strength of a scaffold component, to durability test of a fully assembled truck suspension, we have provided our clients accurate test results for their product development and quality assurance programs. Structural test can be configured for linear load and torque load applications. Load capacity of up to 110,000 lb. is currently available in the lab, and can be upgraded if necessary. 

Our in-house engineering design and FEA capability assure customized rigs meet any test requirements. Complicate test setup designs are shared with clients in 3D models for review, discuss and approval before fabrication starts.

The following three types of structural testing are conducted at Infinity Testing Solutions:

Load proof and ultimate strength test

The test is conducted by increasing a static load to a specified level, or until the specimen fails. Servo hydraulic actuators, precision load cells and displacement transducers are utilized for precise load or motion control. Computerized data acquisition instruments record the load time history data for post-test analysis and report. This type of testing are commonly specified in many safety standards, such as CSA, ASTM, ANSI and OSHA, etc.

Mechanical and Structural Testing Mississauga

Cyclic load fatigue test

Mechanical structures are often subjected to cyclic stress from repeated loads and motions in service. Load and motion cycle test simulates the real life load inputs to the specimen and obtains fast results by accelerating the stress cycle. The test can be simply a single point harmonic load cycle test, or a more complicated multi-channel, load and motion phase controlled simulation test. The test can last from few hours to weeks that may simulate many years of service in real life.

Dynamic durability test

Dynamic durability test simulates dynamic load, motion and vibration input to a specimen. It is often requested for such as vehicle component and structure evaluations, etc. The test rigs may be controlled in high frequency sine wave, random spectrum profile, or following a target drive file obtained from real life data acquisition.

Mechanical and Structural Testing Mississauga

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